A personal 3D Modeling Project

Blood, sweat, and polygons.

A “Baja Bug” is an original Volkswagen Beetle, modified to operate off-road (think open desert, sand dunes, and beaches). This is a personal 3D modeling project I embarked on to push and polish my modeling, texturing and project management skills.

This project with nothing but a concept in mind and a handful of thumbnail sketches I roughed out during one of many Mad Men binges (not kidding). Good references for these old VW bugs are surprisingly hard to find, so some technical details are faked a bit. Bolts, wires, and hunks of steel where they looked like they should be, and not always exactly where they would be in real life. Sometimes you have to make do with what you have.

All of the modeling, texturing and lighting is my work. No external assets were used and no models were imported. 95% of the materials were created procedurally inside of the Cycles node graph. There were a few places images textures had to be used, such as the flag and tire sidewall, but even in those cases the materials are heavily modified and influenced by the node graph.

There are some things I still wish I’d have done that I skipped out on, and I wish I would have taken the time to do a proper environment, but all in all, I’m very proud of how this all turned out.

This is not only one of my first projects on Behance, but also my most “Appreciated” by far, with 173 Appreciations at the time of writing this. I was also lucky enough to have my work featured on the official Blender community forum, and received over 300 likes and comments in the official Blender Facebook group. I have had numerous private messages, through Facebook, Behance and even through email from aspiring 3D artists seeking advice. I am truly honored by the positive community response to this work, and I am always available to answer questions, break down textures and offer general assistance in any way.

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Baja Bug Mood BoardMoodboard

Clay Render

Tire Material Breakdown

Viewport Screenshot

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