Branding, Digital Marketing and Web Development for Konnexion Music Festival

Fun, colorful branding that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Konnexion Music Festival is an electronic dance music festival (now) going on its sixth year, founded in Idaho. You won’t find $6 bottles of water and $10 Coronas here though; Konnexion has no aspirations of becoming a massive, commercially driven event. They have modest goals of nurturing a self-sustaining and community-driven festival experience featuring workshops, day-time activities, and camping. Big enough to pay for itself and have room to grow, but small enough to stay intimate and sustainable.

Now let’s talk about the look. Throw Proxima Nova Extra Bold and Eurostile Candy together for a font-pairing made in heaven. Have fun with the arrangement, add a photo here or there and you’ve got easy, consistent, bold social media ads. Deliverables range from collectible hat pins to staff badges, attendee maps and all the other good stuff that gets people in the door and helps them have a good time while there.

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Konnexion Music Festival LogoLogomark

Services Provided:
Brand Identity
Logo Design
Digital Marketing
Email Campaign Creation
Social Media Graphics
Print Collateral
Web Design + Development (in progress)
Video Production

Branded Social Media Ad


Branded Social Media Ad

Social Media ExamplesBranded Social Media Ads

Brand Colors

Branded Image Styling

Konnexion Music Festival Website Mockup
Early Development Screenshot, Subject to Change

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