The official rebrand of Crucial Technology, a Micron Company

A refreshing look for a tech company at the forefront of the memory and storage industry.

I was contracted to create a new identity system for Crucial, a massive player in the memory and storage space and Micron’s largest consumer-facing (B2C) product division. The goal? Bring Crucial back into the conversation. While the industry itself is growing significantly, Crucial has experienced increased difficulty in attracting the attention of consumers. The solution? Make memory and storage look good. Technology consumes us. All of us. At work and in leisure. Nearly every device uses memory, and it’s no longer only IT professionals and computer wizards that buy it. From medical professionals to professional gamers – everyone needs memory and storage in some way.

Months before even touching the design, we began conducting in-depth market, customer, and competitor research. We collaborated with Crucial distributors from all over the world to organize focus groups in different cultural regions that act as a consensus on the ideal degree of departure from the existing brand identity, among many other things. We complied keywords that came up consistently throughout each study, namely “playful” “professional” “fast” “colorful”. These are words that people felt they could attribute to Crucial, and things we wanted to incorporate into the identity refresh.

The scope of this branding project far exceeds what I’m able to show here. For that reason, I’ve selected only the assets and deliverables I’m most proud of, and only ones that I created in their entirety. One of the primary elements making up this refresh is the accent line system. A series of brightly colored line elements that can be used to accent information, products and featured content in a unique and original way. This, combined with the custom patterns and unique typographical arrangements make for fun, colorful layouts, and advertisements that catch attention and help bring Crucial back into the conversation.

I’d like to recognize Nicole Jacobson and the entire Crucial design team, they are amazing and I always enjoy working with them. I feel very lucky to have been selected for this project and am very grateful to have been granted this opportunity.

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Crucial Rebrand



Services Provided:
Brand Identity
Web Design*
Packaging Design*
3D Product Visualization
Custom Patterns
Digital Banner Ads
Print Collateral
*Proof of Concept

Custom “X-Check” Pattern

3D Process/Breakdown

A4 Print Ads

Newegg Banner Ad

The Accent Line System

The accent line system is at the very core of Crucial’s new identity system. It’s dynamic, flexible and adds a dimension of fun and playfulness to an otherwise professional, corporate identity. When used properly, especially in conjunction with the X-Check pattern and beautiful product imagery or renderings, it completely transforms the look.

Mix typography, letters, lines and patterns in as needed! It’s all about having fun with the design and making it playful and engaging.

Accent Line System

Standards Guidelines, with plenty of room for designer discretion.


3D Product Render

Rich Product Campaign Mini-Site


Data Visualization

SSD Packaging

Just another 3D Render

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